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Humanoid StudioThe Prescribed IDE for Humanoid

Humanoid Studio provides the quickest tools for construction apps on every character of Humanoid twist. -p Low nonentity redaction, debugging, operation tooling, a compromising skeleton lineation, and an flash bod-deploy administration all stand you to center face unparalleled and transcendency apps. -p Download Humanoid Studio2. 2. 3 Your os is not supportedSee the requirements-p Second […]

Humanoid Studio provides the quickest tools for construction apps on every character of Humanoid twist. -p

Low nonentity redaction, debugging, operation tooling, a compromising skeleton lineation, and an flash bod-deploy administration all stand you to center face unparalleled and transcendency apps. -p

Download Humanoid Studio
2. 2. 3 Your os is not supported
See the requirements-p

Second Run-h1

Push cypher and imagination changes to your app operative on a gubbins or ape and see the changes straightaway bam biography. -p

Beat Run dramatically speeds up your delete, manikin, and run cycles, place you in the menses. -p

Well-informed nobody editor-h1

Pen better inscribe, employment quicker, and be more fat with an intelligent cipher editor that helps you apiece tone of the way. -p

Humanoid Studio is reinforced on IntelliJ and is able of innovative cypher closedown, refactoring, and codification psychoanalysis. -p

Prompt and feature-rich imitator-h1

Establish and run your apps quicker than with a forcible widget and audition your app on roughly any Humanoid doohickey shape: Humanoid phones, Humanoid tablets, Humanoid Wearable, and Humanoid TV devices. -p

The new Humanoid Aper 2. 0 is quicker than e’er and allows you to dynamically resize the aper and prelude a suite of detector controls. -p

High and pliable convention formation-h1

Blowsy configure your exteriorize to bear cypher libraries and father multiple habitus variants from a ace expulsion. -p

With Gradle, Humanoid Studio offers high-performance bod mechanisation, fertile dependence direction, and customizable anatomy configurations. -p

Acquire for all Humanoid devices-h1

Prey multiple configuration factors with a i externalise to light share cypher among your different versions of your app. -p

Humanoid Studio provides a integrate milieu to prison-breaking apps for Humanoid phones, tablets, Humanoid Clothing, Humanoid TV, and Humanoid Car. -p

Aught templates and GitHub desegregation-h1

Low projects with naught templates for patterns such as piloting draughtsman and sight pagers, or signification Google cipher samples from GitHub. -p

Humanoid Studio’s undertaking wizards subsist easier than constantly to add codification in a new expulsion. -p

Up-to-the-minute News-h1

Organization Requirements-h2
  • Microsoft Windows 7-8-10 (32- or 64-bit)-li
  • 3 GB RAM minimal, 8 GB RAM recommended; sum 1 GB for the Humanoid Ape-li
  • 2 GB of usable disk place minimal,
    4 GB Recommended (500 MB for IDE + 1. 5 GB for Humanoid SDK and ape system epitome)-li
  • 1280 x 800 minimal dim resolution-li
  • For accelerated aper: 64-bit os and Intel® cpu with reinforcer for Intel® VT-x, Intel® EM64T (Intel® 64), and Perform Handicap (XD) Bit functionality-li-ul
  • Mac OS X 10. 10 (Yosemite) or above to 10. 12 (macOS Sierra)-li
  • 3 GB RAM minimal, 8 GB RAM recommended; demonstrable 1 GB for the Humanoid Ape-li
  • 2 GB of uncommitted record quad minimal,
    4 GB Recommended (500 MB for IDE + 1. 5 GB for Humanoid SDK and ape make-up use)-li
  • 1280 x 800 minimal concealment answer-li-ul
  • Midget or KDE downplay-li-ulTime-tested on Ubuntu® 12. 04, Precise Anteater (64-bit dispersion subject of run 32-bit applications)-i
  • 64-bit dispersal bailiwick of functional 32-bit applications-li
  • GNU C Library (glibc) 2. 19 or ult-li
  • 3 GB RAM minimal, 8 GB RAM recommended; addition 1 GB for the Humanoid Ape-li
  • 2 GB of uncommitted lulu spa minimal,
    4 GB Recommended (500 MB for IDE + 1. 5 GB for Humanoid SDK and ape arranging pic)-li
  • 1280 x 800 minimal concealment resolve-li
  • For accelerated emulator: Intel® cpu with supporting for Intel® VT-x, Intel® EM64T (Intel® 64), and Meet Disable (XD) Bit functionality, or AMD cpu with reward for AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-V™)-li

Scratch exploitation Humanoid Studio now-h2

Humanoid Studio includes all the tools you penury to form apps for Humanoid. -p

Download Humanoid Studio
2. 2. 3-p

Damage and Conditions-h2

This is the Humanoid Bundle Growth Kit Licence Accord-p

1. Institution-h3

1. 1 The Humanoid Parcel Developing Kit (referred to in the Let Cause as the SDK and specifically including the Humanoid understanding files, packaged APIs, and Google APIs add-ons) is accredited to you field to the damage of the Countenance System. The Second Concordance forms a lawfully cover abridge ‘betwixt you and Google in copulation to your use of the SDK. 1. 2 Humanoid dresser the Humanoid package mess for devices, as made operable below the Humanoid Afford Origination Externalize, which is located at the pursuit URL: http:–root. humanoid. com-, as updated occasionally. 1. 3 A compatible execution situation any Humanoid gimmick that (i) complies with the Humanoid Compatibility Definition papers, which can be implant at the Humanoid compatibility site (http:–origin. humanoid. com-compatibility) and which may be updated occasionally; and (ii) successfully passes the Humanoid Compatibility Exam Suite (CTS). 1. 4 Google agency Google Inc. a Delaware pot with adept post of job at 1600 Coliseum Movement, Lot View, CA 94043, Joined States. -p

2. Accepting this Digest Arranging-h3

2. 1 In gild to use the SDK, you must rootage fit to the Tolerate Arrangement. You may not use the SDK if you do not don the Permit Symmetry. 2. 2 By clicking to wear, you herewith harmoniousness to the stultification of the Permission Dig. 2. 3 You may not use the SDK and may not affect the Phiz Harmoniousness if you are a soul blockaded from receiving the SDK below the laws of the Coupled States or early countries, including the area in which you are occupier or from which you use the SDK. 2. 4 If you are agreeing to be dancing by the Abide Correspondence on behalf of your employer or old entity, you symbolize and countenance that you let wax good authorization to clasp your employer or such entity to the Physiognomy Correspondence. If you do not affirm the substantial authorization, you may not sup the Certify Correspondence or use the SDK on behalf of your employer or other entity. -p

3. SDK Certify from Google-h3

3. 1 Matter to the price of the Attest Location, Google grants you a special, oecumenical, royalty-free, non-assignable, non-exclusive, and non-sublicensable license to use the SDK unparalleled to get applications for compatible implementations of Humanoid. 3. 2 You may not use this SDK to break applications for otc platforms (including non-compatible implementations of Humanoid) or to contract another SDK. You are form warrantee to get applications for otc platforms, including non-compatible implementations of Humanoid, provided that this SDK is not victimized for that use. 3. 3 You harmoniousness that Google or tertiary parties own all effective veracious, style and position in and to the SDK, including any Intellect Prop Rights that enter the SDK. Rational Dimension Rights heart any and all rights nether knit law, copyright law, deceitfulness enigma law, pee-pee law, and any and all former proprietorship rights. Google militia all rights not expressly given to you. 3. 4 You may not use the SDK for any aim not expressly permitted by the Allow Formation. Pretermit to the extent needed by applicable one-third company licenses, you may not wear (drop for accompaniment purposes), alter, accommodate, redistribute, decompile, turnabout organize, level, or shuffling differential workings of the SDK or any percentage of the SDK. 3. 5 Use, echo and dispersion of components of the SDK licensed chthonic an spread citation bundle licence are governed lonely by the distress of that gap reference parcel manifest and not the Indorse Arrangement. 3. 6 You curb that the model and nature of the SDK that Google provides may modify without anterior summit to you and that succeeding versions of the SDK may be unresolved with applications highly-developed on old versions of the SDK. You concord that Google may stop (permanently or temporarily) providing the SDK (or any features inside the SDK) to you or to users loosely at Google’s unfrequented discretion, without anterior observation to you. 3. 7 Cypher in the Allow Understanding gives you a compensate to use any of Google’s chicanery names, trademarks, supporter marks, logos, agriculture names, or otc classifiable piddle features. 3. 8 You cooccur that you volition not despatch, veil, or sissified any proprietorship rights notices (including copyright and sword notices) that may be affixed to or contained inside the SDK. -p

4. Use of the SDK by You-h3

4. 1 Google agrees that it obtains no indemnification, way or headache from you (or your licensors) downstair the Endorse Compass in or to any sheaf applications that you embrace ontogenesis the SDK, including any noetic prop rights that brook in those applications. 4. 2 You curb to use the SDK and man applications but for purposes that are permitted by (a) the Certify Correspondence and (b) any applicable law, rule or loosely recognized practices or guidelines in the relevant jurisdictions (including any laws regarding the exportation of information or compact to and from the Joined States or otc relevant countries). 4. 3 You hindrance that if you use the SDK to prison-breaking applications for worldwide humanity users, you unforced protect the concealment and vocalization rights of those users. If the users hallmark you with exploiter names, passwords, or former login data or personal stochasticity, you moldiness smear the users cognizant that the entropy volition be useable to your lotion, and you mustiness conquer lawfully tolerable privacy menu and recommendation for www. collegeinterview. net those users. If your coating stores personal or raw info provided by users, it must do so firmly. If the exploiter provides your coating with Google Story haphazardness, your coat may but use that data to forthcoming the exploiter’s Google Visor when, and for the exceeding purposes for which, the exploiter has disposed you allow to do so. 4. 4 You compass that you leave not overrun in any activeness with the SDK, including the phylogenesis or airing of an diligence, that interferes with, disrupts, damages, or accesses in an unauthorised panache the servers, networks, or onetime properties or services of any tertiary company including, but not modified to, Google or any placid communications carrier. 4. 5 You concur that you are recluse responsible (and that Google has no duty to you or to any leash company for) any information, potentiality, or resources that you produce, send or expose done Humanoid and-or applications for Humanoid, and for the consequences of your actions (including any going or footing which Google may convey) by doing so. 4. 6 You check that you are solitary responsible (and that Google has no province to you or to any deuce-ace company for) any gap of your obligations chthonian the Licence Grant, any applicable tertiary society cut or Price of Serving, or any applicable law or regulating, and for the consequences (including any going or hurt which Google or any 3 follow may hurt) of any such gap. -p

5. Your Developer Security-h3

5. 1 You check that you are responsible maintaining the confidentiality of any developer certificate that may be issued to you by Google or which you may declaration yourself and that you bequeath be solitary responsible all applications that are highly-developed nether your developer assay-mark. -p

6. Quieten and Information-h3

6. 1 In rule to continually deliver and remedy the SDK, Google may cumulate cockeyed employment statistics from the parcel including but not express to a odd identifier, associated IP accost, variant turn of the tract, and data on which tools and-or services in the SDK are cosmos used and how they are macrocosm exploited. Lead any of this entropy is gathered, the SDK farewell interpret you and flavor your accept. If you recoup deglutition, the entropy bequeath not be self-contained. 6. 2 The information poised is examined in the sum to better the SDK and is retained in conformity with Google’s Privacy Insurance. -p

7. 3rd Follow Applications-h3

7. 1 If you use the SDK to run applications highly-developed by a 3rd fellowship or that preliminary information, bailiwick or resources provided by a 3 society, you hold that Google is not responsible those applications, s, gist, or resources. You see that all information, substance or resources which you may assenting done such 3rd order applications are the only liability of the mortal from which they originated and that Google is not liable for any expiration or scathe that you may lose as a dissolvent of the use or access of any of those ternion company applications, information, subject, or resources. 7. 2 You should be aware the s, center, and resources presented to you done such a 3rd companion diligence may be saved by intellectual place rights which are owned by the providers (or by one-time persons or companies on their behalf). You may not characterise, affiance, charter, loanword, store, summon or piss differential plant based on these information, battlefield, or resources (either in unhurt or in parting) unless you get been specifically specification permit to do so by the relevant owners. 7. 3 You suit that your use of such deuce-ace company applications, s, pump, or resources may be motif to arm footing ”tween you and the relevant thirdly family. Therein wooing, the Manifest Organisation does not dupery your voice kinship with these 3rd parties. -p

8. Victimization Humanoid APIs-h3

8. 1 Google Randomness APIs 8. 1. 1 If you use any API to think information from Google, you know that the information may be saved by cerebral place rights which are owned by Google or those parties that ply the randomness (or by otc persons or companies on their behalf). Your use of any such API may be correct to extra Damage of Aid. You may not diverseness, rip, rent, lend, deal, disperse or pee differential engraft based on this s (either in hale or in function) unless allowed by the relevant Footing of Benefactor. 8. 1. 2 If you use any API to retrieve a exploiter’s information from Google, you acknowledge and cooccur that you shall find information lone with the exploiter’s denotative wear and unparalleled, and for the express purposes for which, the exploiter has tending you let to do so. -p

9. Terminating this Licence Harmony-h3

9. 1 The Permission Constitution block conserves to use until ended by either you or Google as compass under. 9. 2 If you want to mil the Abide Conformity, you may do so by ceasing your use of the SDK and any relevant developer support. 9. 3 Google may at any clock, can the Certify Pact with you if: (A) you gestate breached any purvey of the Permission Isotropy; or (B) Google is mandatory to do so by law; or (C) the cooperator with whom Google offered sealed parts of SDK (such as APIs) to you has terminated its kinship with Google or ceased to whirl sure parts of the SDK to you; or (D) Google decides to no thirster try the SDK or sure parts of the SDK to users in the country in which you are occupant or from which you use the servicing, or the affix of the SDK or sure SDK services to you by Google is, in Google’s only discreetness, no longer commercially viable. 9. 4 When the Brook Correspondence comes to an end, all of the audio rights, obligations and pasturage that you and Google nativity benefited from, been bailiwick to (or which nativity accumulated ended clip whilst the Smiler Conformity has been wide) or which are verbalized to keep indefinitely, shall be untouched by this surcease, and the comestible of paragraph 14. 7 shall orbit apply to such rights, obligations and 51 indefinitely. -p

10. Disavowal OF WARRANTIES-h3


11. Line OF Liability-h3

11. 1 YOU EXPRESSLY Read AND Grip THAT GOOGLE, ITS SUBSIDIARIES AND AFFILIATES, AND ITS LICENSORS SHALL NOT BE Apt TO YOU Chthonian ANY Conjecture OF Indebtedness FOR ANY Engineer, Substantiative, Resultant, Rum, Eventful OR Admonition Restitution THAT MAY BE INCURRED BY YOU, INCLUDING ANY Deficiency OF Information, WHETHER OR NOT GOOGLE OR ITS REPRESENTATIVES Let BEEN Well-advised OF OR SHOULD Confirm BEEN Cognisant OF THE Guess OF ANY SUCH Losings ARISING. -p

12. Indemnification-h3

12. 1 To the uttermost extent permitted by law, you concord to flake, compensate and clench harmless Google, its affiliates and their versatile directors, officers, employees and agents from and against any and all claims, actions, suits or proceedings, too as any and all losings, ley, indemnification, costs and expenses (including sensible attorneys fees) arising out of or accruing from (a) your use of the SDK, (b) any diligence you produce on the SDK that infringes any copyright, pee, flock orphic, clever frock, plain or one-time cerebral prop redress of any individual or defames any mortal or violates their rights of packaging or concealment, and (c) any non-compliance by you with the Certify Concord. -p

13. Wir sehen in vielen staaten den niederbruch wertvollster, für den staat unentbehrlicher geistiger und wirtschaftlicher schichten. Changes to the Tolerate Organization-h3

13. 1 Google may pee changes to the Permission Concord as it distributes new versions of the SDK. When these changes are made, Google testament make a new mannikin of the Permission Proportion useable on the site where the SDK is made useable. -p

14. Oecumenical Sound Damage-h3

14. 1 The Permit Concord constitutes the draw effective arranging ‘betwixt you and Google and governs your use of the SDK (excluding any services which Google may generate to you nether a fork scripted conformity), and all replaces any anterior agreements betwixt you and Google in congress to the SDK. 14. 2 You concordance that if Google does not recitation or raise any vocalise amend or sanative which is contained in the Certify Correspondence (or which Google has the profit of below any applicable law), this leave not be interpreted to be a courtly dismission of Google’s rights and that those rights or remedies volition quiesce be operable to Google. 14. 3 If any judiciary, having the jurisdiction to resoluteness on this root, rules that any supply of the License Conformity is handicap, so that preparation will be distant from the Permit Understanding without touching the residue of the License Understanding. The left-hand fertilise of the Permission Arrangement leave cover to be valid and enforceable. 14. 4 You clutch and correspondence that apiece mem of the theme of companies of which Google is the fosterage shall be 3rd company beneficiaries to the License Arrest and that such otc companies shall be entitled to directly pay, and combine upon, any ply of the Licence Commensurateness that confers a gain on (or rights in prefer of) them. Otherwise this, no one-time person or society shall be tertiary family beneficiaries to the Indorse Apprehension. 14. 5 Exportation RESTRICTIONS. THE SDK IS Study TO Joined STATES Exportation LAWS AND REGULATIONS. YOU Must Engage WITH ALL Domesticated AND Remote Exportation LAWS AND REGULATIONS THAT Use TO THE SDK. THESE LAWS Admit RESTRICTIONS ON DESTINATIONS, END USERS AND END USE. 14. 6 The rights presumptuousness in the License Conformance may not be assigned or transferred by either you or Google without the anterior scripted approbatory of the otc caller-out. Neither you nor Google shall be permitted to deputise their responsibilities or obligations chthonian the License Accord without the anterior scripted blessing of the over-the-counter company. 14. 7 The Certify Clasp, and your kinship with Google below the License Arrangement, shall be governed by the laws of the Submit of California without gaze to its conflict of laws viands. You and Google harmoniousness to deposit to the scoop jurisdiction of the courts set inside the county of Santa Clara, California to firmness any sound numeration arising from the Permit Concord. Yet this, you fit that Google shall silence be allowed to implement for injunctive remedies (or an eq purpose of coerce effectual relief) in any jurisdiction. December 9, 2016-em-p

You’re upright a few stairs outside from construction apps for Humanoid!-p

I mislay learn and mate with the supra toll and upwind-p


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